How To: Basic Tractor Maintenance Volume 1-Digital Download

How To:  Basic Tractor Maintenance Volume 1-Digital Download
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How to:  Basic Tractor Maintenance, Vol. 1 eBook

You can always apply new tricks to make even the most basic truck maintenance tasks go more smoothly. Paying extra attention to detail helps produce the best results.

The first volume of tractor maintenance topics, compiled by the editors of Overdrive and Truckers News, covers 12 tasks that help optimize equipment life. Each one-page guide, written by Equipment Editor John Baxter, has a simple sequence of steps, helpful photos and a list of needed tools.

This eBook offers step by step guides to:

  • Changing coolant
  • Replacing gladhand seals
  • Maintaining fuses
  • Greasing parts
  • Inspecting tires
  • Maintaining air cleaners
  • Beating corrosion
  • Adjusting belts
  • Replacing hoses
  • Changing lubes
  • Cleaning batteries
  • Maintaining power steering


This is the digital download ebook version only. 

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